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CV Summary

1954 Born in Montevideo, Uruguay.
1985-1989 Painting and drawing studies with professor M R Deliotti.
1994 Spraying painting (airbrush) with professor Enrique Medina.
1990-1998 Watercolour studies with professor Dante Picarelli.
1999 Human shapes with professor Sergio Curto.
1991-2002 Art history studies and improvement of several techniques at professor Clever Lara´s atellier.
2001-2004 Live painting workshop at Portones Shopping Mall. Carrasco, Montevideo.
2005 Private atellier at the artist's home in Carrasco, Montevideo.

Main collective exhibitions (1985-2008)

  "El Molino" Workshop - Montevideo, Uruguay
  Club Uruguay - Artigas, Uruguay
  "PAINTING 88" - Anglo Institute of Uruguay
  "Culture House" of Florida, Uruguay
  Embassy of Chile - Montevideo, Uruguay
  "Los Olivos" Gallery - San Isidro – Lima - Peru
  Carrasco Lawn Tennis Club - Montevideo, Uruguay
  First Picarelli's Workshop Exhibition at the Anglo Institute of Uruguay
  The Gaucho Museum for "Aldeas Infantiles SOS" – Uruguay
  Picarelli Water colour Workshop at Arcobaleno – Punta del Este
  Cartagena’s Agreement «Matices y Colores »- Lima, Peru
  Picarelli Workshop at Arcobaleno Center -Punta del Este, Uruguay
  Mosca Hnos. Carrasco branch – Montevideo - Uruguay
  Fourth Anniversary Exhibition of "Los Olivos" Gallery - Lima, Perú
  Picarelli Workshop at Argentino Hotel of Piriápolis, Uruguay
  Museo Didáctico Artiguista - Maldonado, Uruguay
  The Book Institute's "American Identity" - Montevideo, Uruguay
  Picarelli Workshop at «Del Cardal» Gallery - Montevideo, Uruguay
  Painters of Carrasco Contest at Arocena Mall - Montevideo, Uruguay
  "Gallino's Palace" Museum of Salto, Uruguay Hall of Exhibitions at The President's Office - Montevideo, Uruguay
  The Painters that Paint Montevideo City - National Library, Uruguay
  Subte Hall of Exhibitions of Montevideo's City Hall, Uruguay
  Paintings of Latin America Exhibition at Bad Bramsted, Germany
  "Commemoration of the Historical National Patrimony" Shopping Tres Cruces
  "Five Latin American Artists" at Buchhlz, Germany
  Lara Workshop at La Spezia Cultural Room - Montevideo, Uruguay
  "Art Exhibition" Uruguay 2000 –Miami Beach – Florida – E.E.U.U
  Invited to participate at the exhibition of "Club de la Mancha" - Ateneo del Uruguay
  "Contemporary Painters" at The Cabildo Museum of Uruguay
  Guest Painter to Uruguayan Medical Center Paintings Exhibition
  Picarelli Workshop at La Spezia Cultural Room - Montevideo
  To honor J. J. Morosoli - Cultural House of Minas, Uruguay
  To honor E. Delacroix 1798-1998 Lara Workshop at L.A.T.U.
  Member of the VII Spring Biennial Exhibition of Salto, Uruguay
  "First Biennial of Peñarolenses in the Art" at LATU’s exposition field
  "Art Exhibition" Uruguay 2000. Miami Beach National Library – Florida – E.E.U.U
  "Expanding the fine art 2000" Craftsmen Art Gallery. Coral Gable, Florida EE U.U
  "Art-Mada" at adjoined Building of the Parliament –Montevideo - Uruguay
  Lara Workshop at L.A.T.U.'s International Book Festival – 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd edition -Montevideo, Uruguay
  Acercando el Arte a la Gente» Latin Gallery – Montevideo Shopping – Uruguay
  "Female Expression in Plastic Arts" at adjoined Building of the Parliament –Uruguay
  "Marina Painting 2000" Painter’s Gallery. Navy’s Club – Carrasco Branch –Montevideo
  "The First Watercolour Biennial" Latin American Art Museum Miami Florida E.E.U.U
  "L’Art Latin Art Gallery" Uruguayan Artists . Miami Florida E.E.U.U
  "Aldeas Infantiles 2000" Figari’s Room – Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Montevideo -Uruguay
  "Tribute to Carlos Gardel". Clever Lara Studio, Montevideo-Uruguay
  "First Encounter of Sacred Art". Stella Maris Parish, Carrasco-Uruguay
  "Getting People Closer to Art". Galeria Latina, Montevideo Shopping
  "Sala Ateneo of Uruguay". Club de la mancha
  Special guest of the Maritime Art Gallery, Club Naval (Navy Club), Carrasco, Montevideo
  First 2003 Art Fair, Molino de Perez, Montevideo, Uruguay.
  "Feria del Este Exhibition", Galeria ADI, Tacuarembo, Uruguay.
  Stone Painting. "Niños con Alas" (Children With Wings) Foundation. Montevideo Shopping, Uruguay.
  "Getting Art Closer to People". Galeria Latina, Montevideo, Uruguay.
  "Viene". Exhibition at the Railroad Station (A.F.E.). Lara Studio.
  "Tribute to Carlos Gardel". Studio Clever Lara. Espacio Cultural la Spezia.
  "Tribute to Carlos Sole". Studio Clever Lara. Espacio Cultural la Spezia.
  "Watercolor Artists Exhibition". ALADI Gallery. Montevideo.
  Selected to aid Naval Club. 2005. Cultural Space The Spezia.
  "Flores en el Prado" (Flowers at El Prado). Painted the facade of the "Laberinto de las Sensaciones" (The Labyrinth of the Sensations). Garden Club of Uruguay. A.R.U. Rural Association of Uruguay.
  "Stone Painting II". Children With Wings Foundation. Montevideo Shopping, Uruguay.
  "Sacred Art Exhibition". Theme: "Eucaristía". Galeria Latina, Montevideo, Uruguay.
  "Getting Art Closer to People", 13th. Edition, Galeria Latina, Montevideo Shopping.
  Annual Exhibition by the .ReachingU Foundation. New York U.S.A.
  Shanghai Art Fair 2006 -
  Uruguayan Art in China. Riviera Garden Tropical Club, Shanghai, China
  Uruguayan Art in China. Shanghai Library, Shanghai, China
  Reaching Uruguay 2007.  Has participated in the Sixth Annual Art Auction, Reaching U
  Hispacuarela II. Has organized and participated in the second stage of Hispacuarela at the Club of Arts’ “De lo Virtual a lo Real” (“From Virtual to Real”), also linked to the exhibition of Acuarela Arte Mayor (Major Watercolour Art) , Montevideo
  Hispacuarela III. Has organized and forms part of the third Itinerant Exhibition of Hispacuarela in Uruguay at the Gran Hotel Fray Bentos, titled “From Virtual to Real”, Río Negro, Uruguay
  Cádiz - Hispacuarela 2008 ¨El Color del Agua ¨ (“The Colour of Water”)Academia de Bellas Artes (Academy of Arts) Puerto de Santa María – España

Live performance

1992 Channel 4: Program "De Igual a Igual" at Tres Cruces Shopping Center (Watercolours)
1993 Television "Latin Productions" at the Uruguayan Consulate in Berlin-Germany.

Outdoor Painting at Carrasco Art Gallery – Plaza Arocena Mall -Montevideo

Children's Paintings Contest at Latin Gallery of Montevideo Shopping


«Dare to paint the Art» Plaza Arocena Mall – San Roque Uruguay

Mural made at the Regional Hospital of Salto - Uruguay

1998 Performance – Body Art – Room of Bagatelle Organised by San Roque -Uruguay

"Cultural time of La Spezia" Channel 24 Cable TV Montevideo – Uruguay 

"Bringing the Art near the people" Watercolour techniques. Montevideo Shopping

"Abstracts" Stand of the Ministry of Culture and Education 22nd edition of the International Book Festival.


Murals for the "Psychosocial Clinic of the Catholic Circle" Montevideo – Uruguay

"Art in Action" Exposition Room of Portones Shopping . Montevideo. Uruguay

2003 From Portones Shopping, National TV Program "Identidades" with Cristina Gayo
2001-2004 "Live Exhibition and Painting". Gallery Ambar Labruna at Portones Shopping
2004 "Approaching Art Work". A conference on the technique of watercolor. Montevideo Shopping and Galeria Latina

Museo Castillo Pittamiglio, demonstration along with Piria Magic

Montevideo Shopping, Oro del Rhin, conference and oil painting demo

Fray Bentos, Supports the Museum Night,  “Pintura con caballete al aire libre” (Outdoor Painting on Easel)

Individual expositions


Hotel Marbella. Punta del Este, Uruguay

Exterior Bank. Montevideo, Uruguay

Hotel Cottage Carrasco Montevideo. Uruguay


Montevideo Shopping Center. Uruguay

Hotel Continental. Montevideo, Uruguay

"Aranjuez" Restaurant. Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay

1992 "1st Watercolours Exhibition" Plaza Arocena Shopping Mall. Uruguay
1993 "Uruguay through the Watercolours" Uruguayan Consulate in Berlín, Germany
1994 "Uruguay Nature and Colour" Iberoclub - Bonn, Germany

"Uruguay Nature and Colour II" - Hamburg, Germany

"Transformations" Paseo de la Matríz - Montevideo

1996 "Transformations" Cantegril Country Club-Punta del Este - Uruguay

"Pre-sentimientos" Art Gallery - Plaza Arocena Mall-Montevideo, Uruguay

"Oils and Watercolours" Museum of Fine Arts Governors Building of Salto, Uruguay


"Watercolours" - Room of the loosen steps at the Parliament - Uruguay

Presentation of the Book of Juana de Ibarbourou with watercolour illustrations

 "Watercolours" Stand of the Ministry of Culture and Education at Prado 98 Exhibition

1999 "Oils" 22nd edition of the International Book Festival. Chamber of the Books, L.A.T.U.
2000-2004 "Art in Action", Portones Shopping Exhibitions Hall, Carrasco, Montevideo
2004 "Art and Color". Nogaro Hotel and Casino, Punta del Este, Uruguay

"Flores en el Prado" (Flowers at El Prado). Painted the facade of the "Laberinto de las Sensaciones" (The Labyrinth of the Sensations). Garden Club of Uruguay. A.R.U. Rural Association of Uruguay


"Abstractos y Marinas" ("Abstracts and Marine Views") Gran Hotel Fray Bentos. Organized by Claramunt Espacio de Arte. Rio Negro. Uruguay

"La Magia del Color" ("The Magic of Colour") - Castillo Pittamiglio Museum

"La Magia del color II" ("The Magic of Colour II") – Tea Room Oro del Rhin. Exhibition and live show at Montevideo Shopping Mall

"Color y Forma" (“Shape and Colourr”).  Sample of various techniques at  Claramunt Espacio de ARTE (Claramunt’s Art Space).  Night of the Museums.  Outdoor Painting 2007.Rio Negro. Uruguay

2008 "Flores y abstracciones" ("Flowers and Abstractions") at the Gran Hotel Fray Bentos. Claramunt Espacio de Arte (Claramunt’s Art Space). Rio Negro. Uruguay

Distinctions and awards

1988 Euskal Erría's First Contest of Basque Panting - Award

Marina Paintings (mention of honor)

Embassy of Chile's Fifth Painting Contest - Mention of Honor

1990 Carrasco Lawn Tennis - Mention of Honor
1991 Marina Paintings - Navy's Club - Mention of Honor

IV National Biennial of Salto - Watercolours - First Prize

Marina Paintings Navy’s Club - Award


"Uruguay through the Watercolours" - Uruguayan Consulate, Berlin Declared to be of Ministry interest

"Flowers in Watercolours" Card Print for "SOS Aldeas Infantiles"


"Uruguay Nature and Colour" - Declared to be of Ministry interest -Iberoclub – Bonn, Germany

"V National Biennial Exhibition of Salto" -Gallino’s Palace Museum Watercolours - First Prize

Marina Paintings -Navy’s Club - Special Award

Spray Painting - Card Print for "SOS Aldeas Infantiles"

1995 "Uruguay Nature and Colour II" - Bad Bramsted, Germany

«VI Biennial of Salto» - National Museum of Salto - Uruguay - Special Guest -Exhibit.

Navy’s Club – Headquarters – Montevideo –Uruguay –Special Guest – Exhibit.

Invited by the Ministry of Public Health of Uruguay to be a member of the panel of judges at the Painting Contest "Healthy Life, habits and toxic" Evangelic Hospital – Uruguay


Invited to be part of the art objects that accompany the crew of the National Ship "Capitan Miranda" during the journey with one of her works.

Illustrations of the book «Selection of Poems" by Juana de Ibarbourou. A compile done by Dr. Silvia P. De Oyenard (Watercolour collage).

"Carrasco Hotel" Watercolours - Card Print for "SOS Aldeas Infantiles"


Invited to be part of the exhibition of plastic arts during the journey of the Uruguayan National Ship "Capitan Miranda" Watercolour (Destination Spain – Barcelona)

"Oceanographic Museum" Watercolour - Card Print for "SOS Aldeas Infantiles"


Card print for Aldeas Infantiles SOS – Oil technique. Title "Bay"

Part of the group of Uruguayan plastic artists selected for the National Uruguayan Ship "Capitan Miranda" with the painting Ocean (oil technique)

"Halloween 2000 Performance" Portones Shopping Contest. Special Distinction. Uruguay.

Selected at the "First Watercolour Biennial at the Latin Art Museum" Miami – Florida – E.E.U.U Declared to be of Ministerial Interest (Watercolour Judges Tomy Lynch and Ana Quiros)

Graphic design of the CD cover "A CARA O CRUZ" Uruguayan Author – Singer Daniel Deniesse

"Carlos Gardel's Remembrance" - Clever Lara's Academy of Art. Montevideo, Uruguay

"Reaching Art to People" Montevideo Shopping Center, Latin Gallery

"First Encounter of Holy Art" - Stella Maris Church - Carrasco. Montevideo. Uruguay


"Versatil Café" - TV. Program - Montevideo - Uruguay

"Art in Action II" Exhibition at Portones Shopping's Art Gallery. Montevideo. Uruguay

Special Guest Gallery, XIII Navy's Club Anniversary. Montevideo. Uruguay


XXI Instruction Trip of the Scholl Ship "Captain Miranda" - Uruguayan Ambassador Painters Around the World. Title "Antarctic Base" . Sevilla - SPAIN

Is selected by the "Uruguayan Red Cross" to create the annual card of "International Year fo the Volunteer 2001". Volunteers for Life". Work of Art (collage techinique) granted to the Uruguayan Red Cross.

Design of the front-page of : The International Federation Bulletin of the Red Cross Societies and the Red Half-Moon (Argentinian headquarters). Title: "Volunteers for Life".

Title-page and design of the Compact Disc "Red Cross for Life" composed by the uruguayan singer Daniel Deniesse. International song translated to French, English and Portuguese.


Special Mention. Nude Painting Contest. Collage. Galeria Genesis, Punta del Este.

Marine on burlap. Maritime Painting Hall, Club Naval (Navy Club).

"Flores en el Prado" (Flowers at El Prado). Painted the facade of the "Laberinto de las Sensaciones" (The Labyrinth of the Sensations). Garden Club of Uruguay. A.R.U. Rural Association of Uruguay.

Permanent exhibitions

  Art Gallery - Carrasco - Uruguay
  ADI Gallery - Montevideo - Uruguay
  Latin Gallery - Montevideo Shopping - Uruguay
  Manzione Gallery - Punta del Este - Uruguay
  Maison Gallery - Salto - Uruguay
  Matríz Gallery - Punta Carretas Shopping - Montevideo
  Nuestro Taller Gallery - Montevideo
  L’Art Gallery. Latin Art Gallery – Miami. Florida E.E.U.U

Institutions and museums

In Uruguay Banco Exterior
  Strasser Institute
  Liga Marítima Uruguay
  Carrasco Lawn Tennis Club
  Navy's Club
  Museum of Fine Arts of the city of Salto
  Uruguay's Foreign Affairs Ministry
  The Parliament
  Roche Laboratory Uruguay
  M.P Personalised Medicine
  British Hospital Montevideo
  Catholic Circle
  Banco de Credito (Credit Bank)
Abroad Uruguayan Consulate in Berlin
  Iberoclub Bonn
  Uruguayan Embassy in Bonn, Germany
  Uruguayan Embassy in Hamburg, Germany
  Uruguayan Embassy in England
  Uruguayan Embassy in Italy

Private collections in Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay,
Brazil, USA, Switzerland, Spain y Japan.


  "Contemporary view of Uruguayan Painting" Publish in Buenos Aires - Argentina
  "25 Years Rooms and Bienals of Spring in Salto" Publish in Uruguay
  Watercolours ilustrations. Selected Works. Selection of pieces of Juana de Ibarbourou. Coordinated by Dr. Sylvia Puentes de Oyenard. Publish by Andres Bello. Chile
  Front cover book "Economical and financial analizing of A.N.C.A.P." 1998 and 1999 (Abstract Oil techniques)
  Front cover «Dictámen de auditoría. Balance General de A.N.C.A.P. 1999»(Abstract Oil techniques)
  Part of the Web Page of the "Ensueño" Society directed by Dr. Leo Asperger
  "Bibliographic Dictionary of the Woman in Uruguay" 1999 – Author –Osvaldo A. Fraire
  Front cover of the history book "TODOS CONTRA TODOS" Watercolour of the "Entrevero" Monument – Publish in Sweden. Author Prof. Marcos Cantera Carlomagno.
  Marine works for the covers of the poems book "Tocando el Alma" (Touching the soul). Authors from Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture Coordinator, Dr. Silvia Puentes de Oyenard
  Tribute to Uruguay's Natioinal Hero (Jose Gervasio Artigas) with the work "Esta es mi Patria" (This is my Mother Land). (oil), for illustrations of the book "Catholic Artigas", author Dr.Pedro Gaudiano
  "Painting on Stone", a video explaining the creation and techinque used with the "Orbe et Urbe" sculpture donated by the artist to the “Niños con Alas” (Children with Wings) Foundation. Montevideo Shopping.
  "Painting on Stone", 2nd. Edition DVD, explaining the work and techinique of the "Melaleuca", sculpture in wood and stone, donated by the artist to the "Niños con Alas" (Children with Wings) Foundation. Montevideo Shopping.